Sweet Homes' motto is 'Stay Relaxed' so we are committed to providing easy, stress-free, and wonderful coastal getaways while also helping you stay safe. 

Our professionally trained cleaners work from a detailed iPad check-list of everything that must be done in every room to ensure quality cleaning, then your home is inspected by your property manager after each cleaning and "staged" before each guest checks-in. 

We have always been industry leaders in cleaning our sweet homes, but we're adding some new procedures to protect our guests and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Sweet Homes follows all CDC and hospitality industry COVID-19 guidelines and use EPA N List approved SARS-CoV-2 disinfectants to ensure all parts of all homes are cleaned and sanitized to the highest hospitality and safety standards.
  • We put our cleaners through enhanced training and proper handling of disinfecting agents to ensure thorough cleaning and disinfecting practices.
  • Our cleaners leave EPA approved disinfectant cleaners to "dwell" on surfaces for the appropriate amount of time before cleaning, per federal guidelines.
  • Housekeepers wear clean gloves, masks, and splash goggles to protect them and our guests.
  • In larger homes that require multiple cleaners, our staff will ensure that proper social distancing protocols are followed.
  • We open windows to refresh every home between guests.
  • We use clean gloves and disinfecting wipes to touch every surface in the home.
  • We sanitize fabric furniture by using an atomizing spray with an EPA approved solution, and we have put away all "extra" decor (throw pillows, etc.).
  • We change all towels, linens, bedding, etc., including comforters, between guests.
  • We use clean sheets to cover the comforter and duvets.
  • We use a disinfecting product on the outside of exterior and interior trash & recycling containers.
  • We disinfect all high touch areas of homes, including high touch objects (remote controls, ping pong paddles, grill handle, etc.).
  • We do thorough professional disinfecting and treatment of hot tubs before guests arrive to ensure that the water is clean, fresh, and safe.