In-House Creative Professionals and Project Management

One daunting aspect of owning a vacation rental property is how to keep your home up-to-date to attract guests. From a financial and logistical standpoint, home renovation can be difficult. We have the expertise, talent and experience to help your home be the best it can be, while taking the pain out of the process.

When you join the Sweet Homes family, you will have a team of experts working with you to make your home as sweet as can be! From selecting your color palette, to where you place your tv, we have years of experience to help you maximize your bookings and guest satisfaction.

Our talented team is here to guide you to choose the most desirable amenities specifically for your home that will elevate your guest’s experience. No detail is too insignificant and you have no need to worry about any of them if you don’t want to...Stay Relaxed - and we'll do it for you! When it comes to planning your space, we'll advise which rooms need that sleeper sofa and which rooms would be better suited with space for a ping-pong table. We know what furniture will hold up to constant use, where to hang art so it won’t take away from beautiful ocean views, and so much more! This attention to detail and level of consideration for your guest’s experience is exactly what makes our homes so sweet.

Our marketing team uses tasteful staging and high-quality photos of your entire house to highlight all the hard work we’ve put in together to make you rental ready. We use the whole house image and focus on the details that make your home unique to promote your home, catch the eye of your niche market and bring in those bookings. With a cohesive design and clear thematic decor, your home will stand out. 

Whether you have a dream in mind or want help creating one, we’re here for you! We’ve carefully crafted our team to best serve you, whatever that means. If you need simple upgrades to elevate your home, our staff can propose, procure and install the perfect furniture and fixtures. Your home might need a little more love, and that’s okay. We’re ready to manage any scope of work; from paint schemes to full-blown remodel projects if that’s what it takes to make you successful.

We want your home to be as prosperous and sweet as possible, which is why we’ve curated such a talented team of industry experts to consult with you. Together we can create a beautiful vision for your home and make it happen!

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