Joel and Renee Smith

We can honestly say that our dream of owning a home on the Oregon coast became a reality when we learned about Sweet Homes. We were looking at a home for sale, that happened to be a vacation rental property, so we rented it to test it out. We didn’t love the home, but we fell in love with the team at Sweet Homes. 

The whole process was so professional, that we started thinking we could actually afford to buy a second home and have Sweet Homes manage it as a vacation rental. And that is what we did!  We’ve put a lot of trust into the Sweet Homes team to take care of our investment and ensure it’s rented out enough to pay for itself.

From the beginning of this experience we were impressed with the guidance the Sweet Homes team provided. They helped us figure out everything, from how to properly insure ourselves to how to furnish the house and stock the kitchen. And it’s really paid off!  We decided we wanted our vacation rental to be someplace we would want to go on vacation, and it is. We love it there!

Why have Sweet Homes Vacation Getaways manage your rental home?

Because they are the best! Before we owned a Vacation rental home, we rented a home through Sweet Homes. We were so impressed with the service they provided that we bought a second home and signed up for them to manage it.

What makes Sweet Homes unique and special?

They ensure every detail is covered to make sure the guests and homeowners are taken care of. They even meet guests at the property to review special details about the home.

Any thoughts on our cleaning and maintenance services?

As a homeowner it is especially important to know your home is taken care of, and we trust the Cleaning and Maintenance teams to do just that. Every time we visit our home we're thrilled that we are working with such a professional organization.

How have we cared for your home and/or served you as a homeowner?

The staff is just incredible! Kasey managed the initial setup and designed the interior, which we love. Jamie has been the rock that helped us through the details of getting started as well as continuously navigating the details of being a vacation home owner. Katie has managed the property for the last couple of years, and we love working with her to ensure the house is ready for our guests, she is amazing! And the rest of the staff is always helpful and nice every time we interact with them.

How is your year-round rental frequency with Sweet homes?

Sweet Homes keeps our home rented throughout the year, they're awesome!

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